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Attention: Does living an abundant and prosperous life for yourself and your family sound appealing?

Join The 100-Day “Money Mindset Reprogram” Challenge: Discover The Secrets to Reprogram Your Mind For Abundance, Wealth, And Prosperity

Break all the negative beliefs you have about wealth and money so you can reprogram your mind for wealth and abundance.


Sept. 2, 2023 at 8:30AM EST

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What If You Could Break Decades Of Negative Beliefs Towards Wealth And Money So You Can Finally Start Manifesting Abundance, Wealth, And Prosperity In Just 100 Days?

That’s Faster Than The Time It Takes For Your Favorite Show To Release A New Season!

Do any of these statements strike a chord with you?

You’ve been led to believe that “money doesn’t buy happiness” or wealth is evil

You grew up in a middle-class family, used to “just getting by”, but now you actually want to build wealth for your own and your family

You want to learn how to manifest the life you envision for yourself and your loved ones

You want to learn how to be in control of your finances and never feel powerless against the economy or the whims of the elites

You want to create a positive impact on the community and be the one that “people can depend on” during hard times

You want to learn money and mindset secrets that were never taught to you in school

If any (or all) of these statements describe you, this 100-Day “Money Mindset Reprogram” Challenge is exactly what you need. It's time to break the beliefs that have been holding you back from living a life of abundance.

How This 100-Day Challenge Will Reprogram Your Mind Step-By-Step

We will do a live reading of my book Rich and Righteous for 45 minutes a day where I will share with you lessons that’ll break the negative beliefs you have about wealth…

And allow you to start manifesting money and abundance into your life by showing you a better money mindset and financial strategies!

The Life-Changing Lessons You’ll Discover In Less Than 45 Minutes A Day In The Next 100 Days After Joining The Challenge:



This book chapter discusses the concept of measuring wealth, both material and spiritual. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and appreciating the abundance in one's life and cultivating gratitude. The chapter explores the difference between material wealth, which is measured by monetary value, and spiritual wealth, which is measured by meaningful impact and good deeds.

You’ll discover the difference between material and spiritual wealth, develop a mindset of abundance and gratitude, and recognize the value of good deeds and their impact on spiritual wealth.



It emphasizes the importance of understanding money and wealth from a spiritual perspective, aligning with the abundance mindset, and utilizing money as a tool for creating good. Readers will learn about the difference between wealth and poverty consciousness, the purpose of money, the role of debt, and the power of creating assets.



This chapter explores the importance of changing one's mindset and feelings about money and wealth. It emphasizes the need to release negative beliefs and reprogram positive ones, aligning with the idea that it is possible to be rich and righteous. By understanding the true nature of money and cultivating a healthy relationship with it, individuals can attract abundance and make a positive impact.

Ultimately, it promotes the idea of finding congruence and celebrating the wealth of others while striving for personal prosperity.



Explore the power of words and how they shape our financial reality. It emphasizes the importance of forgiving ourselves for past mistakes and moving forward financially. It encourages a shift in mindset from poverty consciousness to wealth consciousness. By aligning our words with the wealth we want to have, we can attract abundance and make better financial decisions.



This chapter discusses the importance of asking for money and wealth from a perspective of righteousness. It emphasizes the significance of aligning one's vision board with God's vision and focusing on giving rather than getting. It encourages readers to overcome cynicism, doubts, and limited beliefs and emphasizes the role of image-in-nation in creating a desired future.



We’ll discuss the concept of true financial security and the importance of understanding the source of wealth. It highlights the pitfalls of chasing money out of fear and emphasizes the need to focus on acquiring wealth knowledge and replicating success.



This book chapter explores the concept of using money and wealth in a strategic and righteous manner. It introduces the order of operations for building wealth, which is represented by the acronym S.D.A.M.E. (Subtract, Divide, Add, Multiply, Exponential). The chapter emphasizes the importance of reducing expenses, increasing value and revenue streams, investing in assets, and seeking exponential growth.



This book chapter discusses the concept of manifestation and its three primary ways: manipulation, manpower, and manifestation with the support of God. It explores how manipulation relies on deception and a scarcity mindset, while manpower is limited by individual capacity. Manifestation, on the other hand, involves aligning with God's will and tapping into divine power. The chapter emphasizes the importance of belief, consistent action, and being in alignment to manifest desired outcomes.



This chapter explores attracting wealth by aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions with abundance. It emphasizes embodying qualities like love and happiness to draw money, distinguishing wants from needs, and charging money with positive energy for financial prosperity. Overall, the chapter aims to teach readers how to shift their mindset and behavior to attract wealth and live in alignment with their true desires.



We’ll discover the mindset towards money and bills, embracing forgiveness, gratitude, and paying bills like billionaires. It highlights shifting perspectives, valuing received benefits, and building something valuable while celebrating affordability.

What Are You Waiting For?

This Is Literally The BEST Time To Learn How To break the negative beliefs you have about wealth that have been holding you back…so you can start manifesting money and abundance into your life!

Ready To Break Decades Of Negative Beliefs Towards Wealth And Money So You Can Finally Start Manifesting Abundance, Wealth, And Prosperity in 100 Days (or less)?

Here’s What You Can Expect If You Show Up Consistently For A 45 Minute Reading Session In This 100-Day Mindset Reprogram Challenge!

Before The Challenge

Living in a poverty consciousness

Overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty when making financial decisions

Feeling stuck in your career and life

Reluctant to take any risk, fearing that any mistake can make your situation worse

After The Challenge

Living in a wealth consciousness

Feel confident that the financial decisions you make are correct

Have a step-by-step action plan

Gain the motivation and determination to build your bright financial future

Open to taking calculated risks when opportunities present themselves

But That’s Not All!

You’re Going To Get A Lot More Out Of This 100-Day Challenge Because…

Proven Track Record: Julien Gordon is an 8-figure real-estate investor who owns over 25 properties, he has helped over 800 people, many who may be just like you, become financially free through multifamily real estate.

Stay Accountable: Leverage a strong and highly motivated community to make sure you follow through with the daily lessons!

Spread The Wealth Consciousness: You’ll be able to spread the message and help your friends and family become aware of how money works

Wealth Secrets: Learn wealth creation secrets you won’t learn anywhere else

Less Than 45 Minutes A Day Only: Hey, we're not asking for a lot! We only need you to show up consistently for 45 minutes a day (or less) consistently for 100 days. Take notes, stay focused, and see amazing results at the end of the challenge!

Meet Your Host And Coach,

Jullien Gordon

Julien is an 8-Figure financial coach and real estate investor who has helped thousands of people achieve rent freedom through real estate investment coaching. He is also the founder of the #MultifamilyMovement.

After buying his first triplex in Brooklyn, New York in 2013 and immediately achieving rent and mortgage freedom forever, he kept investing from a distance in New Orleans and Oakland. As his personal portfolio began to grow, people kept asking him how he was finding deals, and that led to the birth of The Multifamily Movement in July 2019.

Inspired by Harriet Tubman, he initially set out to help 300 people buy their first multifamily home; since that is how many people she freed over the course of a decade by making 19 trips below the Mason-Dixon Line. Harriet Tubman was the #1 conductor on the Underground Railroad and we are the leaders on the Above Ground Road which is multifamily real estate as we seek to help people achieve rent and mortgage freedom which leads to a brighter financial future.

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Learn When You Sign-Up For…

100-Day “Money Mindset Reprogram” Challenge

Lesson 1: Master your own mind and thoughts for wealth

Lesson 2: How to manifest a better life

Lesson 3: Become a master of money for wealth and abundance

And more!!

See What Other People Say…

"After reading, this book has been pouring life back into me, this has been awakening me. This book has nourished me..."

- Tori Stewart

"This Journey with the Rich & Righteous reading of the book, the Multifamily Movement, it has been such a blessing to me..."

- Sha Brown

"Thank you for putting together a book that is probably one of the great books in the world..."

- Juan Johnson

"After reading the book, it helped me overcome my past self..."

- Julie Jacques

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What If I Cannot Attend The Challenge LIVE?

Replays for each week of the challenge will be available until the following Monday morning.

How Will I Receive Notifications And Updates About The Challenge?

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